Disrupt or Be Disrupted – Transportation

the technology-driven global supply chain (or value chain, if you prefer) over the past generation has been one of the more astounding fundamentals, if relatively unnoted, achievements in the business world by Roger Strukhoff Before Elon Musk decided to smoke dope on a podcast and talk about his hard life, there were thousands of other people throughout the world working on improving the transportation business. Disruption may be too strong a word in this space because transportation hasn't fundamentally changed since the days of the Silk Road. We still have to move stuff, a lot of it heavy stuff, often [...]

Cloud: Amazon’s (AWS) is Devouring Available Global Cloud Market Share The story of Amazon's remarkable birth and evolution is now technology urban legend, and this latest publishing of the AWS market share worldwide is the testament to the 2006 startup that no one understood at the time. Follow Amazon's 2006 AWS birthing story here. "Second quarter data from Synergy Research Group shows that spending on cloud infrastructure services jumped 50% from the second quarter of 2017, once again comfortably higher than growth rates achieved throughout 2017". Cloud Computing and Hosting Services is a giant emerging business of magnitude. Consider. " But market leader Amazon maintained its dominance as its market share [...]

Disruption! (And Why You should DX…)

“Do I want my company to be on the menu or on the table,”   .......the fundamental decision regarding digital transformation. by Roger Strukhoff The ongoing proliferation of several powerful technologies can lure us into the weeds of technical and tactical discussions about deploying enterprise IT. But the view from the C-suite and the board of directors must encompass the entire landscape, the view. Digital Transformation (DX) is the strategy; everything else is a tool.  Creating the Digital Enterprise Transformation Culture The big-picture questions seem to be a.) what should your company's IT be doing right now, b.) how should it be [...]

Disrupt or Be Disrupted – Consumer Goods and Services

Disruption in Retail: Who knew Amazon wanted to be a grocer? by Roger Strukhoff Consumer goods and services companies fill 362 seats within the Global 2000 amphitheatre, and are the most likely to kill one another during any given performance. If you like brutality, then this is your business. “Does Macy's tell Gimbels?” went the popular saying in the 1930s. Nothing has fundamentally changed among consumer companies, with only the pace of change, the variety of choice, and the volatility of this business having been amped up considerably. Online commerce as pioneered by Amazon is the latest big disruptor, coming a [...]

Disrupt or Be Disrupted – Financial Services

577 financial services companies listed in the Global 2000, and ....... most determined among all large incumbent enterprises to stay in business. by Roger Strukhoff There's a school of thought that says the best way to disrupt the financial services industry would be to throw a bunch of people in jail. The damage wrought to the global economy in 2008-09 by house-of-cards speculation and corruption should be of interest to economists and people 500 years from now. Extraordinary remedies suggested in the late days of the W Bush administration and undertaken during the Obama years included active management of General [...]

Global Industry Disruption and the Big Seven

"laggards will soon enough find themselves among the 50 percent of G2000 companies who are either bought out,   or run out of business on a 20-year cycle" by Roger Strukhoff The Global 2000 are under siege, whether they know it or not. A handful (and more) of emergent technologies are reforming (dare we say, revolutionizing) vast industries worldwide. Some companies have been quick to respond, and even drive the direction of the new stuff. Others are evaluating things as the sands of time continue to flow. The laggards will soon enough find themselves among the 50 percent of G2000 companies who are either [...]

ROBOTICS: How Humanlike Will AI Robots Like Sophia Become?

Robots are emerging in the adult sex industry, and they have long been a mechanical - electrical machine-like arms on the manufacturing floor. Tomorrow's robots are taking on a human-like resemblance, among many new developments in robotics. This selected article for your consideration explores the issues. Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash Now, as designers add human-like features, and use AI enabled programming to register an emotional response to human action triggers, the future of robots and robotics takes on a whole new meaning. This article explores the issues around the rise and popularity of human-mimicking appearance robots and the Era of [...]

Autodesk has partnered with 3DR to develop drone laser scanning

Source: Drones in construction bring a whole new meaning to the concept of a bird's eye view of anything. This is especially true of construction sites located around the civic corner, or deep in the remote areas of the world where big project budgets are at risk and progress needs monitoring from afar. Enter construction industry drones. A number of companies are entering the marketplace. While a late 2017 announcement, the impact of drone video recording and logging of progress is moving way beyond simple visual videos with geospatial overlays and the use of big data processes to [...]