……….where will you be in the matter of Digital Transformation of your enterprise?

We are fast entering the era of the digital and social disruption. Indeed, it’s already started, and it’s all around you). It represents the digital transformation (DX) of the global economy.

Every industry, every market, and every enterprise faces the challenge of DX to drive innovation and exponential performance gain, this is the 4th Industrial Revolution.

As digital sociologist and Roundtable keynoter, Dr. Julie Albright says: “We can no longer separate human psychology (and behavior) from technology.” They are now fusing — and with enormous implications for the near future. What is the future of work? Video presentation by Dr. Albright Digital Nomads

We likely best know DX by its representative technologies, AI, the IoT, Cloud and their offspring technologies, however, it is how executives, managers and technical professionals adopt, embrace and adapt to these technologies the will determine the DX-readiness of enterprise cultures will determine the survivability and thrive-ability of today’s businesses.

In our 2019 Roundtable Summit Series, we’ll hear from and discuss with our subject matter expert speakers and roundtable panels will focus primarily on how enterprises adapt to technology-driven innovation, change and transformation.

Learn, share experiences and collaborate with these thought leaders on how to best identify, initiate, plan and implement digitally disruptive and transformative projects and programs.

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