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Digital Transformation: At the Table or On the Menu

..........where will you be in the matter of Digital Transformation of your enterprise? We are fast entering the era of the digital and social disruption. Indeed, it’s already started, and it’s all around you). It represents the digital transformation (DX) of the global economy. Every industry, every market, and every enterprise faces the challenge of DX to drive innovation and exponential performance gain, this is the 4th Industrial Revolution. As digital sociologist and Roundtable keynoter, Dr. Julie Albright says: “We can no longer separate human psychology (and behavior) from technology.” They are now fusing -- and with enormous implications for the near future. [...]

“New Collar Workforce” Skills Hold the Key to Digital Transformation in Industry 4.0

The lack of skilled a US workforce may hinder adoption By Sarah Boisvert @FabLabHub In 2016 HP unveiled its highly anticipated production-level 3D printer at SME’s annual RAPID conference. No surprise to anyone following the 3D additive manufacturing industry, the entry of a major tech player into the space would generate a great deal of buzz. Most importantly, the new HP 3D printing system rocketed the technology forward to production capabilities previously not seen. Leading-edge machines were projected to be competitive with injection molding at about 55,000 parts. While still small numbers in relative terms, this jump in production volumes [...]

The Robots are Coming To Assist Humans

How Co-Bots will work with Humans in the Digital Transformation By: Sarah Boisvert For anyone who is wondering how they will spend the copious leisure time that digital transformation technology is bringing to our lives, it may be disappointing to note that at least in the near future, robots will not be completely replacing humans on the factory floor. For the past few decades, automation tools have added significant productivity gains as manufacturing plants go through a digital transformation that relies heavily on automation. Robots are ubiquitous in many applications for the automotive, medical device, microelectronics and other advanced manufacturing [...]

Cloud Migration Approach: Forethought versus Afterthought

We find about 76% of organizations use two or more steps for cloud migration to eventually get to the most cost-effective, performance enhanced, secure, and efficient workload environment from a cloud platform. by Tony Johnson Cloud Sherpa Consulting Working with many organization over the years, we have seen patterns emerge while supporting enterprises’ along with their cloud migration strategies. A fairly common pattern is that architecting workloads for specific cloud platforms during migration is mostly an afterthought. To be clear, I’m not talking about choosing a family and size for the workload and calculating the amount of egress networking for that workload. [...]

Edge Computing & Internet of Things (IoT), Becoming Prevalent Technologies

Challenges that enterprises, healthcare and government agencies face as they attempt to deploy Edge computing and IoT are lack of skills, tools, and budgets. by Amy Spellmann Edge Computing and the Internet of Things (IoT) are becoming prevalent technologies for many industries: government, consumers, utilities, security, agriculture, smart buildings, healthcare, data center operations – just to mention a few! A consequence of the widespread IoT adoption is that developers and architects are seeing how very different the supporting infrastructures are from other cloud-based or virtual applications. The primary architectural and infrastructure considerations driving Edge/IoT are: Rapid deployment of new and changing workloads Additional network capacity and latency [...]